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Since 2017, we have amassed a repository of best practices in preventative health screening as well as correlating end-outcomes. A research arm was established to study nationalised health screening programmes for personalised screening to be provided to individuals of all backgrounds. 

Under the stewardship of Dr. Sharma, the clinic continues to safely navigate the ever-changing world of preventative medicine. Dr. Sharma ensures novel technology is only adopted once it has sufficiently matured. Dr. Sharma was recently awarded a Fellowship to the Royal Society of Public Health, UK.


We have provided comprehensive health screening services for family offices, embassies, and the leadership of Fortune 500 companies around the world. 

Cancer and disease exist in a perfect storm of variables both known and unknown. Our methodical approach relies on: capturing the right information to obtain objective and qualitative data points; ensuring precise interpretation from the world's leading experts; and formulating a comprehensive treatment plan. 


Since 2017, we have overseen the preventative health management for individuals at the highest level. We focus on data accuracy by selecting the world's leading specialists, diagnosticians, and laboratories, to develop a system which expertly captures the right data at the right frequency for healthier outcomes.

We scan the globe for today's leading medical professionals and have built a network in most major cities.

 Should there be any concerns following your health screen, rest assured we will be there to walk you through next steps so any uncertainty is brief. All appropriate interventions will be prioritised, with the aim to provide immediate relief and peace of mind.

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Preventative Health Screening

​Individuals and Families

Complete health screening services are provided including: genetic screening; radiation-free scans for cancer and structural abnormalities; risk of cardiac disease; psychological assessments; nurse and doctor-led consultations; blood tests and functional assessments.


Assessments can take place at company premises or within state-of-the-art facilities. An initial thorough consultation with Human Resources will inform all investigations and interventions to be included. Tailor-made packages are created based on the company's needs.​

Private General Practice

Dr. Sharma oversees the primary care of a handful of families under the clinical arm with annual screenings. This service aims to enhance the well-being of a small group of individuals and is by invitation only.

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