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Who We Are

We are a clinic defined by service, where our dedicated expertise meets your health and where we can help continue your legacy.

I founded the clinic in 2017 and now serve as Medical Director. Having grown up in London, Jaipur, Delhi and Dubai I appreciate the diversity of perspectives when it comes to preventative medicine, as well as the heterogenous assortment of risks that individuals carry. As a third-generation doctor, I deeply value the sacredness of the doctor-patient relationship, unwaveringly upholding patient-centred ethics, trust and accountability. This foundation ensures only the best outcomes for my patients.

I attended Imperial College London for medicine, achieving Honours in Physiology with a focus on human performance in extreme environments and regenerative medicine. With an interest in cutting edge healthcare, I was awarded a fellowship in 2011 by the Royal College of Surgeons in England and UCL to further develop clinical applications of mesenchymal stem cell technologies.

Following initial specialisation and training in Otolaryngology, I took a greater interest in early detection and preventative medicine with a desire to intervene more upstream in disease processes. Realising that the risk we carry is a unique combination of heritage, culture and our environment, we have mapped every country's official health screening initiatives to further inform our programme. I was also awarded a Fellowship from the Royal Society of Public Health, allowing for a deeper knowledge of how our physical and social environments influence our health and wellbeing.

Today, the clinic remains at the forefront of preventative health and we continue to focus on root causes to improve long-term outcomes.

Dr Ved Sharma


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'I have been seeing Dr. Sharma for almost three years now and can highly recommend him. His advice is always highly professional, thoroughly researched (with the newest research findings) and compassionate. I can always trust in him with any health issue and in him taking lots of time to discuss matters. His team is extremely helpful in setting up appointments very quickly, either with Dr. Sharma or other consultants. They have a very good network of doctors they trust and that they can refer to.'

Meet Our Team

The Institute is comprised of dedicated professionals, researchers and clinicians who work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of medical science and technology. Like many things in the natural world, health is incredibly complex. We can’t pretend to control everything, but we can promise to always provide world-leading service without compromise.

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